Beer and mixed beer beverages

Microbiological quality control in breweries at its highest level.

Beer-spoiling bacteria

Beer-spoilage bacteria are a major risk factor in the brewing process. The lead to adverse effects on the end product's taste and smell and can thus cause significant financial damage to the brewery.

Speed, specificity, robustness

Modern microbiological quality control focusses on speed, specificity, robustness and reliability of the system applied. Safe clearance decisions have to be derivable from the system's results. Only in a working and efficient control system harmful microorganisms don't stand a chance.

Beer-spoiling organisms

Comprehensive microbiology with VIT®

Comprehensive microbiology by vermicon provides the perfect opportunity to gain complete control over microbiology in each stage of production. Finished products as well as samples from all stages of the brewing process, including yeast propagation, can be examined.

The VIT® system offers breweries:

  • direct insight into all processes and stages of production
  • optimized and extended stage-by-stage control
  • quick certainty
Phase contrast image

Phase contrast image

Microscopic analysis of a beer sample: phase contrast image

Analysis with VIT®: all beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria shine in red

Beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria

Analysis with VIT®: all beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria shine in red when viewed under a micropscope.

Analysis with VIT®: all L. brevis cells shine in green

Latcobacillus brevis

Concurrently, all L. brevis cells shine in green.

A reliable partner for breweries since 1997

Our long-standing experience in detection of bacteria in beer and mixed beer beverages makes us the perfect partner in this field. Our test systems for the beer sector (beer-spoiling bacteria, fermetative yeasts) were developed in close cooperation with the renowned Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology (Technical University of Munich, Weihenstephan, Professor Back).

Satisfied customers all over the world trust in our technology.

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Lab services - beer spoilers:
Detection of beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria
Identification of beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria
Rapid identification of all beer-spoiling bacteria