Test kit for reliable and robust monitoring of RSV viruses in wastewater samples.

Item No.: 01310004

Detection of RSV viruses in wastewater

The qPCR VIT® RSV Test Kit enables the specific and robust detection of RSV viruses directly in wastewater samples. In a 4-plex reaction, RSV types A and B are detected in parallel. The evaluation is carried out using qPCR and the data are displayed as a trend curve in the ABE Dashboard of the VIT® Vision Software. All essential consumables for performing the analysis are included in the test kit. Package size: 100 reactions per kit.

The qPCR VIT® test kits are based on the RT-qPCR method recommended by the EU Commission and ESI-CorA.

For sample preparation, we recommend the qPCR Prep Wastewater test kit, which is designed for the robust and reliable analysis of wastewater samples.

For comprehensive epidemiological wastewater monitoring, also check out the test kits qPCR VIT® Influenza and qPCR VIT® Corona.


The advantages

  • All-in-one detection system

  • Optimised for the analysis of wastewater samples

  • Specific and robust results

  • Graphical representation of measured values over time with VIT® Vision dashboard