VIT® Candida intermedia

Test kit for specific detection of the yeast Candida intermedia

Item Number: 01210034

Detection of yeasts in microbiological quality control

Candida intermedia is a beverage-spoiling yeast. It can cause undesirable changes in odor and taste as well as cloud stability disturbances and biofilm formation in non-carbonated beverages and thus is especially dreaded by fruit juice producers.

The test kit VIT® Candida intermedia detects this potential fermentative yeast swiftly and specifically. This allows to unambiguously identify the cause of specific product defects and, with the help of the test kit, to investigate the origin of a contamination in a quick and easy way.

VIT® Candida intermedia

Your advantages

  • specific detection
  • only living Candida intermedia are detected
  • short time-to-result
  • simple workflow and easy handling
  • detection is based on the reliable VIT® gene probe technology

Product specifications

Detection of

Candida intermedia

Sample materials that can be
werden können

liquid enrichments
biofilms beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic
fruit juice and concentrates


VIT® gene probe technology


via VIT® adapted fluorescence microscope

Analysis type

qualitative analysis

Items delivered

analysis reagents
product manual

Package size

25 analyses

Identical microscopic image after analysis with VIT®: phase contrast (left), Candida intermedia (right) specifically shines red
Identical microscopic image after analysis with VIT®: phase contrast, Candida intermedia specifically shines red
Beverage spoilers

Detect beverage spoilers quickly and specifically

Alicyclobacillus, fermentative yeasts and other spoilage organisms can lead to significant economic damage. A modern quality control has to make sure that these organisms are detected quickly, specifically and reliably. With products and services by vermicon, beverage spoilers can be identified swiftly and clearly.

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