VCM-Select A3

Expert's cultivation medium for Alicyclobacilli

Item Number: 01270002

VCM-Select A3

VCM-Select A3 acts as an ideal nutrition medium for Alicyclobacillus enrichment used for example subsequently in VIT® Alicyclobacillus analysis. vermicon AG's experts confirm the excellent cultivation results using VCM-Select A3. Package size: 10 VCM dosage units.

The application is very easy:
According to the required concentration level (single, double) transfer one VCM dosage unit VCM-Select A3 into a defined volume of distilled water. Autoclave – done!

Experience the simple handling and rapid cultivation results – let us convince you.


  • prepared and ready to use
  • 1 VCM dosage unit = VCM-Select A3 (single concentration)
  • hermetically sealed and sterile
  • long shelf life