Our Technologies

Professional microbiological know-how and GMP-certified alternative methods.






Alternative Methods

Since the European Pharmacopoeia has been opened for alternative methods, we are able to help companies with finding and applying the method that is most suitable for them. For this purpose, we can rely on our GMP certified laboratories as well as our long-standing know-how.

FISH Technologie

With the help of FISH technology, bacteria can be analyzed directly in their habitat. Being pioneers of this technology, we have decades of experience in adapting the method to your problems and applying it successfully.

Based on FISH, we have developed the industrial standard VIT® and for this reason, we know the challenges in industrial applications extremely well.


Flow Technology

Flow cytometry is a powerful method that can be applied in many areas of microbiome research and of the pharmaceutical industry. In combination with powerful FISH gene probes, specific identifications of whole cells can be performed as well.


Other Methods

We can offer our customers the entire spectrum of alternative methods. Our primary focus is always on the goal to be achieved. Even if the spectrum of methods does not fit, we are able to close the gap by developing custom methods.