Microbiome and Pharmaceuticals

Professional microbiological know-how and GMP-certified alternative methods.






Microbiome Research

We support companies in microbiome research with our technology portfolio and unique microbiological know-how. Our direct microbiology allows, for example, to visualize bacteria directly in their habitat and to uncover mechanisms and correlations that cannot be determined by using only sequence data. This enables us to provide meaningful answers swiftly and efficiently.

Production and Quality Control

Our portfolio is not dependent on culture-based microbiological detection methods. This enables us to provide pharmaceutical companies with exactly the answers they need for quality control during production or to improve the entire process.

Alternative Methods

The European Pharmacopoeia has opened the door for the use of alternative methods for specific purposes. Many companies, however, lack experts in microbiology and/or molecular microbiology, which makes it difficult to implement those modern methods on site.

vermicon fills this gap by offering professional microbiological know-how and methods that are tailored to permanently improve the processes of drug manufacturers.

GMP Certification

We are an approved company for the testing of pharmaceutical products according to § 67 Abs. 1 AMG (Arzneimittelgesetz = German Pharmaceuticals Act).

One of the technologies we use is FISH, which is described in the European Pharmacopoeia in chapter 5.1.6. This method allows a specific identification and quantification of living microorganisms directly in the sample material.