We make bacteria shine!

Up to 99 % of all bacteria cannot be detected with conventional methods. For this reason, we have taken a new path in order to identify, quantify and visualize microorganisms directly and specifically. The proprietary VIT® (vermicon identification technology) gene probe technology that was a result of this step is the advanced form and the industrial standard of the FISH technology (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization) for detection of microorganisms.

VIT® detects only living, cultivable and non-cultivable microorganisms, is reliable and highly specific. Analysis results are available within a very short time.

Our Solutions

We offer innovative solutions for microbiology in all areas of industrial microbiology. The successful answering of microbiological challenges and their sustainable implementation in practice is our primary goal.

Analysis Systems & Test Kits

Analysis Systems & Test Kits

To complement our technology, we have developed the VIT® System, the Scan VIT® System and the Flow VIT® Solution. Each system is optimized for the specific requirements of different branches of industrial microbiology. This enables us to offer you systems that are tailored to your individual needs and challenges.



Our professional laboratory analyzes your microbiological samples swiftly and reliably.
Especially in case of complex problems, our technology portfolio and our microbiological expertise allow us to provide you with the answers you need to make your decisions safely and with confidence.

Consulting & Professional Training

Consulting & Professional Training

Which microorganisms are responsible for the disturbances? How can the current malfunction be resolved? How can future disturbances be avoided? What does this microbiological result mean for the process? How can the process be optimized? Our team will collaborate closely with you in order to optimize processes and to raise your company’s quality control to a higher level.

Understanding and Optimizing Biocenoses

Bacteria almost never occur on their own but are always part of a community: the biocenosis. We have put our focus on analyzing and understanding these microbiological communities, as the efficiency of a microbiological process can only be improved with a comprehensive understanding of all cultivable and non-cultivable microorganisms and their interactions.

To really understand biocenosis, we rely on the following pillars:


Biocenoses can only be analyzed by combining several different modern and powerful technologies.


Decades of experience in analysis of biocenoses have made us the specialists for complex microbial communities.


We are continuously conducting research on biocenoses and participate in international research projects in order to immediately incorporate relevant and cutting-edge results into our work.


We are part of an international network of top-class microbiologists and thus are always able to access the latest findings in order to solve your microbiological problems in the most effective way.

Flow VIT® Solution

The Flow VIT® Solution consists of a flow cytometer and the Flow VIT® test kits. This analysis system features a simple workflow and an automated evaluation. All consumables are included in the test kit.

VIT® System

The VIT® System consists of the VIT® microscope, the VIT® test kits, the VIT® Cam and VIT® Vision software. It is characterized by easy application and evaluation by fluorescence microscope. Fast, safe and reliable detection with additional visualization of the bacteria. All consumables are included in the test kit.

Scan VIT® System

Scan VIT® technology is based on the highly specific VIT® gene probe technology and is used for the analysis and absolute quantification of microcolonies. This means that all grown bacteria are detected in their entirety at an early stage. The Scan VIT® system consists of the Scan VIT® test kits, the VIT® microscope, the VIT® Cam and the VIT® Vision Software. Even mixed colonies of different species can be reliably identified at a very early stage thanks to the highly specific VIT® gene probes.

We are the original.

In the early 1990ies, our founding team actively contributed to the development of the FISH technology and since 1997, vermicon AG has been a pioneer in modern microbiology. All over the world, our customers and partners benefit from our products and services and from our long-standing expertise in the field of modern industrial microbiology. Our VIT® technology in all its variations incorporates our know-how and experience form decades of high-tech research and its practical application in a wide range of industrial sectors.



VIT® technology is fast. The analysis is done within a few hours. The hand-on-time only takes a few minutes.


Only VIT® gene probe technology combines the speed of molecular biological methods with the specificity of direct microbiology.


VIT® has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of industrial microbiology. VIT® gene probes are highly specific for individual species or entire groups of microorganisms.

GMP and ISO 9001 certification

Our quality management has been certified according to the requirements and guidelines of the globally acknowledged standards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2015.

Application of FISH for analysis of the microbiome

The human microbiome is a highly complex ecosystem composed of bacteria, archaea, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. This small universe of microorganisms is the subject of intense interest and research in the scientific communities. With the help of FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization), bacteria can be analyzed directly in their habitat.

Dr. Jiri Snaidr, CEO and founder of vermicon AG explains how FISH works and which advantages it can provide, especially for scientists and companies active in the microbiome research.