Filamentous Bacteria

Identification of Dominant Filamentous Bacteria Dominating in Kuwait’s Activated Sludge Systems, Using Molecular Biology Techniques


Filamentous sludge bulking and foaming problems are common operational problems of activated sludge systems worldwide. The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has recently conducted a study to identify the filamentous bacteria proliferating Kuwait activated sludge systems. Weekly grab samples were collected from Riqqa and Umm Al-Haiman activated sludge systems. To accurately identify the dominant filaments, a modern molecular biology technique was used, namely, Vermicon Identification Technology (VIT). Obtained results indicated that the dominant filamentous bacteria are: N. limicola II, Type 1851, H. hydrossis and nocardioform filaments. Results of the assessment of systems’ performance indicated that the Riqqa system was heavily impacted by the excessive growth of filamentous bacteria.

Problems with sludge bulking and foaming


ABUSAM, A. et al. 2016. Filamentous Bacteria Identification by VIT Method. International Journal of Environmental Science and Development.7(3),pp.177–180.