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Safe wastewater treatment plants by shining bacteria

04 November, 2015: The provider for microbiological solutions, vermicon AG from Munich, commits itself to the Bavarian Environmental Pact for the next five years. The signing of the pact took place on 23 October, 2015 in the festive setting of the former royal residence in Munich and was attended by state premier Horst Seehofer and the Bavarian Minister for Environmental and Cosumer Protection, Ulrike Scharf. 

For already 20 years, the Bavarian Environmental Pact has been a successful model of cooperation between members of the industry and the Bavarian State Government. Its goal is to keep the Bavarian economy on an economically future-proof and environmentally sustainable course. Wastewater treatment is one of the most important fields of application for novel developments in innovative and green technologies. Biological wastewater treatment is generally based on the degradation performance of microorganisms. It is extremely powerful, but can be impaired by external influences. Disturbances of the biological degradation have a negative effect on the discharge values of the purified wastewater and lead to a contamination of the effluent. 

This central concept is the focal point for vermicon AG's concept. With the VIT® early warning system, which is based on th direct detection of microorganisms by VIT® technology, vermicon AG offers a comprehensive control system for monitoring and analysis of wastewater microbiology. This allows for the first time to observe microorganisms directly, independently from cultivation and with high specificity in the process.  The VIT® early warning system thus makes a valuable contribution to wastewater treatment plants' operational safety and prevents penalty fines. In the context of the environmental pact, the system will be increasingly implemented in wastewater treatment plants.

" A direct view into the complex wastewater microbiology offers new and undreamt-of possibilities for the control of biological wastewater treatment plants. The VIT® early warning system allows to recognize undesirable developments in the plant, even before chemical parameters in the effluent indicate a problem. This puts the operator always a step ahead.", Dr. Jiri Snaidr, founder and CEO of vermicon AG explains. "Our VIT® early warning system significantly increases operational safety."

Very much in the spirit of the Bavarian Environmental Pact, this does not only mean increased safety and improved economic efficiency for a plant by prevention of malfunctions, but also leads to a more effective protection of the environment, as non-compliance with limit values in wastewaters is avoided.

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