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München, 09. April 2018 - Die vermicon AG präsentiert im Rahmen der IFAT 2018 das VIT® Frühwarnsystem, welches dem Monitoring der Mikrobiologie in Abwasserreinigungsanlagen dient. Die patentierte VIT® (vermicon identification technology) Gensondentechnologie ermöglicht als einzige Technologie eine spezifische Identifizierung, Visualisierung und Quantifizierung bekannter und unbekannter Mikroorganismen direkt in der Abwasserprobe.

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Munich, Germany, November 22, 2017 - vermicon AG, the specialist for microbiological solutions, is launching the new Scan VIT® system for analysis of microorganisms. It is able to quantify and specifically identify single cells directly and without time-consuming enrichment steps. A fully automated analysis evaluation is provided by the intelligent VIT® Vision software, which is the centerpiece of the new, patented technology. In contrast to conventional rapid test methods, the new Scan VIT® features

an extremely high sensitivity of only 1 cell per sample volume.

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Munich, Germany, 11. September 2017 - Sysmex Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of the international enterprise Sysmex Corporation, and vermicon AG, hereby announce the start of a business partnership. The first result of this alliance, a combination of flow cytometry and gene probe technology known as the “Flow VIT® Solution” detection system, will provide highly sensitive and sector-specific solutions for industrial microbiology with the aim of raising quality control to a new level.

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Modern biological watewater treatment depends completely on the skills of microorganisms. Microbial populations present in wastewater treatment plants form a complex mixture of cells, changing constantly. Only a direct view into a plant's microbiology allows for a correct interpretation of its degradation performance.

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