New! VIT® Chloroflexi Test Kit

Timely detection of filamentous bacteria is the basis for a successful and targeted elimination of bulking and floating sludge in wastewater treatment facilities. With the new VIT® Chloroflexi test kit, undesirable filaments can be identified quickly and reliably.

Most members of the Chloroflexi group of filamentous bacteria are non-cultivable and still unknown, but their numbers in wastewater treatment plants have increased significantly over the last years, causing sludge settling problems in cases of excessive growth. One well-known example are the Eikelboom Type 1851 filaments.

The new detection system VIT® Chloroflexi allows a concurrent, fast and specific identification of both Chloroflexi and Eikelboom Type 1851 in sludge samples. Changes in the populations can be monitored continuously and important conclusions about the composition of the biocenosis can be drawn before settling problems occur. Consequently, significant amounts of precipitating agents can be saved and the operational safety can be improved.