20 Years of vermicon

vermicon AG has turned 20. In order to honor this birthday, we are celebrating an anniversary year in which brand new, innovative and highly specific solutions for microbiology will be introduced continuously. Stay tuned and watch us reshape the future of industrial microbiology.

Anniversary year: What we are looking forward to!

20 years of vermicon AG. In our fast-paced times, this is quite a long period! When the company was founded in 1997, we had the vision of breaking the shackles of conventional microbiology and of developing and providing groundbreaking and innovative solutions for modern industrial microbiology. And we succeeded. In the past two decades, we were able to launch numerous innovations that are now used by companies of all sizes all over the world. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our clients and partners, without whom none of this would have been possible. Every day, you have been been our incentive to not only improve microbiology, but also realize radically new approaches.

But it gets even better...

In our 21st year, our anniversary year, we are going to present a genuine extravaganza of innovations. New services, new products and new technologies are waiting for you. Two decades of intensive development work and all the know-how collected on the way have cumulated in revolutionary new solutions that will make microbiology more reliable, more specific and much faster.
We would be delighted if you chose to continue down this exciting path with us.

Thank you for your support and for your loyalty.

Dr. Jiri Snaidr
Founder and CEO

20 Years of vermicon

Latest News

Stay tuned for brand-new, innovative and highly specific solutions for the microbiology. Stay in touch and see for yourself, the way we are changing the future of the industrial microbiology.  

VIT® Beer Screening

05 March 2018 – Specific identification of all beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria.

Glimpses of distant worlds

22 December 2017 – The vermicon wall calendar 2018 is out now!

Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus

11 October 2017 – The first application of the Flow VIT® technology is now available on the market.

Flow VIT® Solution

11 September 2017 – At the international trade show “drinktec”, the new Flow VIT® technology is presented to the public for the first time.

Test kit VIT® Beer Screening

Test kit VIT® Beer Screening

05. March 2018 - The new test kit VIT® Beer Screening makes specific identification of all relevant beer-spoiling lactic acid bacteria possible. Finished products as well as samples from all stages of the brewing process, including yeast propagation, can be examined. Up to 15 bacterial species can be specifically identified with just one analysis.

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Glimpses of distant worlds

Wall calendar 2018 vermicon bacteria

22. December 2017 - Aristotle’s quote: “Amazement is the beginning of science” is our constant companion because in the course of our daily work with the VIT® gene probe technology, we frequently come across surprising and simply beautiful constellations of microorganisms. We would love to share these glimpses with you.

to the wall calendar 2018

Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus

Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus rapid detection

11. October 2017 - Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus enables the fast and reliable quality control in all stages of production of fruit juices, mixed drinks and fruit juice concentrates. Economically damaging product recalls due to contaminated products can thus be avoided in a timely and sustained manner.

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Flow VIT® Solution

NEW! Flow VIT® Technology

11. September 2017 - The Flow VIT® Solution is the ideal combination of flow cytometry and VIT® gene probe technology. It combines the speed and the specificity of VIT® gene probe technology with the objectivity and reliability of flow cytometry in an optimal way.

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Partnership with Sysmex

Partnership vermicon AG und Sysmex Corporation

11. September 2017 - For several years, Sysmex Partec GmbH, Sysmex Europe GmbH and vermicon AG have been cooperating closely with the goal of creating new microbiological solutions by combining flow cytometry and the gene probe technology VIT®. On 11 September 2017, the partnership and global sales cooperation of both companies has been officially announced.

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New Office in Hamburg

Hamburg Hafencity

01. September 2017 - vermicon AG has opened a new office in Hamburg. Combined with our headquarters in Munich, this creates a north-south axis that will help us to support you even better in the future.