Management and team

In order to be able to meet microbiological challenges effectively, an interdisciplinary team is required. We are convinced that simply analyzing microbiological analyses is not sufficient to keep up with the industry's demands in the long run.

Providing solutions for microbiology is our principle and our commitment.


Dr. Jiri Snaidr

Entrepreneur, microbiologist, founder and CEO of the company.

His vision is comprehensive microbiology, based on direct microbiology. A microbiology refusing the shackles of conventional microbiology and, by means of unbiased insight, provides the customer with better and completely new solution approaches.

Dr. Claudia Beimfohr

Microbiologist and member of the board. 

Head of the service and research and development divisions. Having joined the company in 1998, she is an internationally renowned expert for industrial microbiology. Her philosophy is to provide customers targetedly and directly with solutions that are genuinely helpful for them.

The vermicon team

Our team is comprised of people from a variety of fields. This is the only way to make sure that we are able to resolve any challenges in the best way possible. We also place great emphasis on a maximum internal cross-divisional integration in order to create space for creative ideas and interdisciplinary solutions.

Interdisciplinary and competent: the vermicon team

Effective communication

It is our conviction that a sustained outstanding communication with our partners is essential. After all, we want to resolve the challenge you placed before us in the best way possible. For this reason, you will always receive answers from us in a timely manner.

Our clients often compliment us on our personalized manner of support and interpretation of a successful cooperation. This makes us proud and is also our obligation for the future!