Detection of Salmonella in wastewater samples

Rapid, quantitative detection of the genus Salmonella in wastewater samples

Product Number: 01130019 (qualitative), 01130020 (quantitative)

Lab analysis of Salmonella spp. in wastewater

Specific analysis of wastewater samples (digested sludge, effluent, activated sludge) regarding pathogenic Salmonella spp. cells. Analysis is carried out qualitatively (presence/absence) or quantitatively.

Qualitative oder quantitative detection?
Both options are possible.

Which requirements are important?
Samples from wastewater treatment plant effluents, minimum 500 ml

Please request information regarding sampling and shipment of samples.

This service is also available as serviceplus.


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  • specific detection of pathogen Salmonella
  • samples: discharges, wastewater
  • quantification
  • only living bacteria
  • short processing time