VIT® Beer Megasphaera/Pectinatus

Test kit for the rapid analysis of beer spoilage bacteria

Product Number: 01210007

Detection of Megasphaera and Pectinatus

VIT® Beer Megasphaera/Pectinatus detects all members of the genus Pectinatus and additionally Megasphaera cerevisiae in the sample. In comparison with conventional methods VIT® Beer Megasphaera/Pectinatus allows time savings of five to eight days.

An ideal complement to our VIT® Beer plus L. brevis

The analysis is easy to conduct – only few minutes hands-on time. The results are provided within 3 hours. Analysis is performed by using a fluorescence microscope. All essential expendable materials required for analysis are contained in the kit. Package size: 25 analysis.

Analysis can be performed with following samples:

  • Isolates (directly)
  • Liquid enrichment (directly)
  • Beer and beer based drinks (short pre-enrichment)
  • Biofilms (short pre-enrichment)
  • Environmental samples (short pre-enrichment)


Send us also your sample for analysis: Rapid identification of Megasphaera cerevisiae and Pectinatus spp.

Identical microscopic image after analysis with the test kit: phase contrast, Megasphaera cerevisiae shines green and Pectinatus spp. red.
Identical microscopic image after VIT® analysis: phase contrast, Megasphaera cerevisiae shines green and Pectinatus spp. red.


  • detection of all members of Pectinatus and Megasphaera cerevisiae bacteria in one single analysis from one single sample
  • detection of living bacteria exclusively
  • fast detection
  • highest specificity
  • detection is based upon our reliable VIT® gene probe technology