vermicon solutions for microbiology

Fast and specific detection of microorganisms

The direct look into microbiology. Fast, reliable and highly-specific. Based on the VIT® gene probe technology, vermicon offers products and services which allow a new and effective microbiology.

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Analysis of bacteria in wastewater

Microbiology of wastewater

The direct look into the microbiology of wastewater allows the detection and fighting of malfunctions just in time.

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Detection of microorganisms in drinks

Microorganisms in Drinks

VIT® for drinks allows highest microbial safety in drinks.

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Microbiological Consulting

Holistic Microbiological Consulting

VIT® Profiling allows recognition and prevention of microbial disruptions in industrial processes.

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Website Re-Launch

Launching its new website at the end of the year, vermicon presents a completely overhauled version of its internet presence. In addition to a new, modern an uncluttered design there are lots of new features and even more informationa about industrial microbiology. User-friendliness has received a noticeable boost and a special customer area will make communication much easier and offers a variety of new features. […]

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VIT® early warning system

The VIT® early warning system allows for comprehensive control of the microbiology in biological wastewater treatment plants. This helps to reduce costs and increase operational safety. […]

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Direct Microbiology

After more than 100 years of conventional microbiology, it is time to venture into new terrain. vermicon shows the paths microbiology could take. The direct view into the sample - without detours and without complicated indirect methods.

New microbiology – fast and straightforward.

The vermicon principle

There are test kit manufacturers. There are microbiological laboratories. And there is vermicon, refusing to be pressed into any existing pigeonholes. For 20 years we have been cooperating globally with satisfied customers from all industrial sectors and provide first-class results.
Our customers call them excellent results by a reliable partner. We call it "the vermicon principle".

GMP Certificate


Due to its GMP certificate, vermicon can also provide the pharmaceutical industry with results that cannot be matched by any other techology. Our commitment to a maximum of quality in our work has thus been officially attested by the Government of Upper Bavaria.


The new VIT® Microscope has an excellent price to performance ration. Evaluation of VIT® kits is performed swiftly and reliably.

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The new product VIT® PAO/GAO enables specific dectection of bacteria responsible for biological phosphate removal in wastewater treatment plants.

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Detection of legionella in the effluent of wastewater treatment plants is problematic due to the accompanying bacterial flora. With VIT®, however, it is fast and reliable.

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vermicon AG

Since 1997, vermicon AG from Munich has been offering solutions for microbiology. Founded as a spin-off of the Chair of Microbiology of the Technical University of Munich, it supplies products and services for industrial microbiology, based on its proprietary platform technology VIT®.

Always focussed on a direct form of microbiology, vermicon breaks the shackles of conventional microbiology and concentrates on providing swift and highly specific solutions for its partners and customers.

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