What’s so great about microbiology?

We have to admit: We love microbiology! But why? Isn’t it just another interesting piece of nature? Interesting but that’s it? Definitely not! Microbiology is one of the most fascinating topics offered by nature.

bacteriaThey are so old
First, microbiology links us to the past. But not only to the last two hundred thousands of years like the Homo Sapiens. The ancestors of the bacteria evolved on earth already 3.5 billions of years ago. They have been the roots of the evolution and the first forms of life.

They are so many
Second, there are so many of them. It is estimated that about 5 nonillion bacteria exist on earth. That means 5 x 1000000000000000000000000000000 cells. They are dominating the earth.

They will survive
Third, microorganisms will still live on earth when the mankind is already forgotten. They have the ability to adapt extremely fast and efficient and will survive any disaster, which will occur some day in the future.

Of course there are many other facts why microbiology is so fascinating but in principle these are – for us – the most important facts, which brings us to the opinion that studying microbiology is one of the most intriguing topics.

We have focused on microbiology since the very beginning of our company. Our team consists of many specialists like microbiologists, chemists and other experts. But we are all linked together by our love for microbiology.

And this is the reason why we have started our “World of Microbiology” blog. Enjoy!

4 responses to “What’s so great about microbiology?

  1. As a microbiologist I would like to pay a visit to vermicon to discuss the possibility to create a cooperation between my Institute National Research Centre, Egypt and such VI company. I feel that services of vermicon is highly needed to Egypt in many categories.

  2. I like to know more about microbiology as I like to study them and I hope to get plenty of opportunities to see them under the microscope.
    My fear is, that I know so little, my schooldays have long time past, I need good books to learn in the mean time.
    To get familiar with things I would like to find a place in a lab to get work experience.
    Please who knows a lab that might take me over the summer?
    And who knows good books for beginners with some DIY work too!!!?
    Please Wirte h.


    Truly said about microbes .because actually they didn’t live in our society, rather we humans as well as other eukaryote are living in there society.

  4. I want to join your company. Please provide me the concern person/s email id to whom i can send my resume.

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